Non-profits and Donation Technology

The Internet has made a lot of things easier for non-profits. This is especially true when it comes to receiving donations. In a matter of minutes a non-profit can be setup to take donations through services like Paypal, Amazon Payments or Google checkout. Here is a short review of some online donation options.

For years non-profits have used giveaways to help spur donations. The American Heart Association sends out address labels with their donation requests because people are significantly more likely to make a donation if they feel they have been given some sort of gift. Others offer a small token like a Christmas ornament to anyone to donates. Savvy non-profits can use the low cost of providing digital items as an incentive. For example, donors could be provided with a free song MP3 file or video download after donating. A free electronic book might be another option.

Of course the downside of the Internet is that people have more things competing for their attention than ever before. Everything that works in a non-profit’s favor also works against them because of all the “noise” generated by other people marketing using similar techniques. Still there is a lot of room for innovation. People like to give toward causes they support and organizations that can find ways of keeping themselves in front of their target audience are going to reap the benefits of advances in technology.

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