1 September 2004

Political hyposcrisy on the other side

Yes, the Democrats have problems, and they are hypocritical at times.

But I’m tired, I have to say, of the Republican message last night that
focused on being left alone to do as you wish, not stifling
opportunity, being the party of freedom, and so forth.

This may be in the economic realm, at least if you’re a
Rockefeller-type Republican.  But the contemporary Republican
party certainly does not believe in freedom, living one’s own life, and
so forth in the social realm.  We’ve heard enough about the gay
rights and abortion plank in the platform to know that they don’t
believe people should make their own moral and ethical decisions and
that they don’t believe in true equality (having ruled out both
marriage and any sort of legal alternative to marriage for gay people
AND deciding that good people may not differ on the difficult question
of fetal life).  But now we see that many of them would dictate
what religion we must believe in, how we must believe in that religion,
and what the consequences of that religion must be.  Read this.

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