14 October 2004

Edge of our seats time

There’s reason for the whole body politic to be nervous now.  Most
polls, both national and state-by-state, show us to be in a tight race,
with the presidency quite in play.  Bush flubbed the debates badly
enough that his six point lead has dropped to nothing.  Nobody can
be assured of victory now, and so partisans of both sides are using a
lot of antacid right now.

And if you’re a Boston Red Sox fan, you’re even more unhappy.

BF has announced on more than one occasion that he wants the next three
weeks over with, because then the baseball and the election will be
done, and there won’t be this expectant waiting anymore.  We’ll
just know, for good or for bad.

I’m not as anxious, but I know that I am ready to know, and I have a hard time remaining patient through all of this.

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One Response to “Edge of our seats time”

  1. soekarno Says:

    fortunately, i’m either too busy, or, at the moment, too sick (sniff! achoo!) to feel that constant agony of anticipation. But I do feel it a couple times a day for a few minutes at a time… it’s that butterflies-in-stomach dread that overcomes me whenever I think about RNC machinations in Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania… each swing state has the most sketchy shit going on, and I’m worried about fraud in most of those states.