2 November 2004

Raw news different than what you read

Check out this story over at Crooked Timber:

Now, some interesting evidence as to how this happens in the NYT. The Times has a story
today about how the current race is too close to call. However, for a
few minutes this morning, they had the wrong version of the story up on
their website – they’d posted the raw version, with all the editors’
comments included. A good friend spotted it in time, and sent it to me
– I enclose it below the fold. The smoking gun (I’ve bolded the
editor’s comments):

Bush supporters were also out. The driver of a Greyhound
bus stopped his vehicle on a Philadelphia street, got out and ripped
down a campaign poster for John Kerry.we cant let this stand as emblematic of Bush supporters. either get some quotes from bush supporters or leave it out

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