10 May 2005

Anglicanism 202

From AKMA, a slightly tongue-in-cheek definition of Anglicanism:

That’s part of my puzzlement about the current retrospective “This is true
Anglicanism” impulse in some quarters. I had always thought that true
Anglicanism bore with the potty vicar who was sure that Jesus was
really an astral traveller, or that theological doctrine was a
pointless appendix to the finer points of fox-hunting. Such people
come, they occupy seats of greater or lesser prominence and authority,
then they retire or die, and the church itself doesn’t change much. The
point isn’t that we don’t care about error or try to correct error, but
that the Truth is stronger, lasts longer, and eventually renders error
moot. Truth counteracts error from within the church. (And that also
provides us with the opportunity for learning the ways in the church
may need correction — from within.)

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One Response to “Anglicanism 202”

  1. *Christopher Says:

    It’s a great quote that got me to thinking about out polity in a more Trinitarian lived out way.