20 June 2005

Gay marriage virus?

Interesting article in the Times Magazine,
about the Christianist “real problem” with gay marriage. 
Unsurprisingly, they believe homosexuality to be a chosen, infectious
behavior that, like a disease, has to be eradicated. 

(Interestingly, Mark Jordan, a religious historian at Emory University, has written a history that shows , among other things, that this belief in the viral nature of homosexuality has existed for nearly 1000 years.)

What I found more interesting was the concluding bit of the
article.  If love is seen as hate, and hate is seen as love, then we’ve all lost already.

That means changing hearts. How difficult that will be was illustrated
by a single vignette. When I met Polyak, she told me how, when she
first testified before a legislative committee, an anti-gay-marriage
activist, a woman, confronted her with bitter language, asking her why
she was ”doing this” to the woman’s children and grandchildren.
Polyak said the encounter left her shaken. A few days later, as I sat
in Evalena Gray’s Christmas-lighted basement office, she told me a
story of how during the same testimony she approached a blond lesbian
and talked to her about the effect that gay marriage would have on her
grandchildren. ”Then I hugged her neck,” she said, ”and I said, ‘We
love you.’ I was kind of consoling her to some extent, out of

I realized I was hearing about the same encounter from both sides. What
was expressed as love was received as something close to hate. That’s a
hard gap to bridge.

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One Response to “Gay marriage virus?”

  1. Liz Renner Says:

    Ahh! I go to California for ONE WEEK and I miss my very own Republican shout-out. Just wanted to let you know that even conservatives have issues with the rigidity of the Church on occasion. I’m currently in an ongoing argument with the pastor of my church because women are not allowed in leadership positions. [STOP with the I-told-you-so’s, Nate] I shouldn’t be surprised, considering it’s PCA. (Question: Liz, why did you join PCA, then? Answer: Because they’re gloriously permissive compared to the Mormons.)I know that there’s evidence for this and that in the New Testament, but I find the idea that straight males are the ONLY ones fit to man the moral steering wheel of the church a bit galling.Even in my church, which very much emphasizes “Believe in Christ and we’ll hash out the other details later”, the patriarchal theme sets a (subtle) tone for the rest of church structure.At this rate, I might as well become a Methodist or even a (gasp!) Episcopalian.