14 July 2005

The Church isn’t to blame…

…apparently.  It’s the political and social beliefs of the people that are, according to Extreme Right spokesperson Rick Santorum
A number of people are quite unhappy that he is, in a fashion, blaming
the victims (and their culture) rather than their perpetrators in the
clergy sex abuse scandal.

This man is a hypocrite.  In one breath, he says that individuals
are responsible for their actions, making their own choices.  In
the next, he says that society’s to blame.  Which is it?

The sniping and idiocy continued today, as Santorum noted the
atmosphere of sexual permissiveness that pervades Boston (really, has
he been here? I haven’t seen this…).  Of course, if this were
the cause of the clergy scandal, then San Francisco, New York, and LA
would have been where it was all centered.  And yet, it happened
all over the country, and we’re beginning to see evidence of it through
the world.

Then the good gentleman blamed Harvard and MIT, because of their liberal attitudes.

More commentary available here.

Specifically, here’s what Santorum wrote about the church pedophile
scandal on a religious website called Catholic Online. ”When the
culture is sick, every element in it becomes infected. While it is no
excuse for this scandal, it is no surprise that Boston, a seat of
academic, political, and cultural liberalism in America, lies at the
center of the storm.”

So thank you, senator, for setting us
straight about the problems with the clergy. Thank you for letting us
know that all those pedophilic priests and the church leaders who
covered up their crimes are the fault of every Bostonian.

knew that the president of Harvard, the people at the Museum of
Science, and Mayor Thomas M. Menino were to blame for Cardinal Bernard
F. Law’s decision to move predatory priests from one parish to another?
Here’s who knew: Senator Rick Santorum.

I remind you of the alternative meaning of “santorum.”  Go to Google, type in “santorum” and hit “I’m feeling lucky.” 

It’s very interesting how the hard right has taken to the advocacy of
crushing evil.  Any position that does not accord with theirs
derives from a culture or a fact of evil.  So liberals are not
just wrong or misguided.  They are actually evil, or deceived by
evil.  And thus, disagreement itself ceases to be value-neutral
and becomes evil.  “Do not think, do not speak, do not do
anything, or you will be marked as a captive and agent of Evil,” they
imply and even say quietly.

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One Response to “The Church isn’t to blame…”

  1. Liz Renner Says:

    But Nate, Santorum loves puppies . Isn’t that the definition of compassionate conservatism?