18 November 2005

Some, some, some

The Revealer posted this the other day:

All, All, All
14 November 2005
‘Jesus did not say, ‘If I be lifted up I will draw some.’ Jesus said, ‘If I be lifted up I will draw all, all, all, all, all.” Desmond Tutu, speaking in California, called upon the Anglican Church to embrace its gay bishop, Gene Robinson, and lamented the state of the Communion which instead seemed ‘hell-bent on excommunicating one another.’

However, we Christians have been altogether too good with “some, some, some.” Take a look at Diarmid MacCulloch’s well-reviewed and regarded history of the Reformation.Or read any history of the earlier Church, in its conciliar phase.

After the above development, matters progressed. First, we see the Global South primates attacking their first among equals.

The Times newspaper reported that the opposition came from 14 “Global South” primates headed by the ultra-conservative Nigerian archbishop, Dr Peter Akinola.

There are 38 primates in the Anglican Communion.

The letter, published on the Global South Anglican website on Wednesday night, urged Dr Williams to rethink his personal liberal views on homosexuality.

The letter said his “personal dissent” from the consensus of the wider Church that “same-sex sex is unacceptable” had stopped him from taking necessary steps to confront the US and Canadian churches.

And now, we see them not attacking the ABC.

But yesterday a number of those whose names appeared as signatories of the letter when it was published on the conservative Global South website reacted angrily to its appearance.

A number said that they had seen a draft of the letter when they met earlier this month at a Global South conference in Egypt, but had expressed unease with its threatening tone.

…other conservative primates are understood to be furious that the letter was released without their knowledge.

One questions, then: If we can’t agree on whether we agreed to agree to a letter, then why is it so unfathomable that we might disagree on matters of greater weight?

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