17 March 2006

Hallelujah! (Even in Lent)

One of the reasons I continue to believe in God, insofar as I have any
will in the matter, is because there are human events that seem to make
more sense in that light.  One of the reasons I believe in the
Christian story of God is because it posits God’s direct sharing in our
lives through the mystery of the Incarnation; that enfleshing allows
God to get under our skin, if you’ll allow a pun.

And I think that James Tramel’s story
may provide a small signifier of the presence of God in our
world.  Working through other people, he’s a different man, one
who cares about others and who has given his life to them through the
experience of helping to end a life and losing his own as a result.

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Ladies and gentlemen…

I am now officially All But Dissertation.

Two more years to go, I hope.

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