17 May 2006

And I’ll still probably go see it….

I succumbed over the weekend and read the book that opens as a movie on Friday, after three years of resistance.

I love this line from a review of TdVC:

Sir Ian, in the best tradition of British actors slumming and hamming through American movies, gives a performance in which high conviction is indistinguishable from high camp. A little more of this — a more acute sense of its own ridiculousness — would have given “The Da Vinci Code” some of the lightness of an old-fashioned, jet-setting Euro-thriller.

But of course, movies of that ilk rarely deal with issues like the divinity of Christ or the search for the Holy Grail. In the cinema, such matters are best left to Monty Python.

“Always look on the bright side of life!”

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One Response to “And I’ll still probably go see it….”

  1. PP Says:

    I think he (sir ian) also said that the rc church should embrace the idea of jesus marrying and having progeny as it would prove that he wasn’t homosexual. I know I butchered the quote but it was something like that. Which would be a bigger blow to the church?