About the Blog

The Costs of Care Blog was started on February 12, 2009 as a way to collect and disseminate information on how cost-awareness can be used by health care providers and patients to make prudent medical decisions.

Very few patients understand exactly what health services they are purchasing or how much they will cost. As a result, they trust doctors to make purchasing decisions for them.

However, currently very few doctors understand how the decisions they make impact what patients pay. 



I believe we have the ability to eliminate preventable causes of medical bankruptcy by driving a paradigm shift in medical decision-making towards cost-awareness.

For doctors, drawing an explicit link between the decisions they make and the  financial burdens imposed on the patient in front of them will induce them to consider costs. I believe doctors who consider costs will continue ordering tests and treatments patients need to get better but will be less likely to order superfluous tests that inflate medical bills unnecessarily. 



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