Neliti: an attempt to collate the world’s think tank publications


A think tank, or policy institute, is an organization that performs research and advocacy concerning policy-related topics such as social policy, political strategy, economics, military, technology, and culture. Where most academic research from universities is collated and communicated via academic databases like Google Scholar, there is no such database for think tank research. Think tank publications are therefore scattered around the web and difficult to find. This is where Neliti aims to help.

Neliti is a public policy search engine that helps policy-making organisations and think tanks find research, policy analysis and evidence. Neliti indexes reports, policy papers and briefs, journal articles, conference papers, books and datasets from think tanks, policy making institutions and universities.

Neliti was created to address the need for a single repository that collects together important policy research that was previously scattered around the web and difficult to find. Through aggregating research in one database, Neliti’s goal is to support policymakers and researchers to create evidence-based policy and improve the lives of humanity.

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