Daily Archive for Friday, September 23rd, 2005

Kevin’s Message: Can Jamaica be Saved?

In the year 2000 I went into the prison to partake in what has evolved into an upward movement of the minds of those incarcerated. I had no idea as to where we would end up. All I knew is that I wanted to do something positive. It was with that intention that I went to the prison each and every time. There were times when there was no place for us to meet and we met anyway. Sometimes it was under a tree other times it was in some little corner of the prison. I never gave up on the program and it’s possibilities. I saw very quickly the difference it made in the lives of those were participating, and that included me. Each time we met I walked away knowing that something amazing just happened. For those of us who were present we were never to be the same again that to me was enough to keep going back.

How can jamaica be saved? Can it be saved? And can SET play a role?

The answer is yes to all the above. Imagine for a moment a Jamaica that has adopted the principals of SET. A Jamaica that has decided that in order to move forward all it’s citizens must be given a voice and an opportunity to play a role in the development of there communities. Imagine a Jamaica where the people realize that they are the government and stop thinking of the government as being something that exists outside of them. What a Jamaica that would be. The idea of getting into politics is one way of getting this done however I do not think we should even think along the lines of politics, reason being the ignorance that seems to follow that seems to follow that word might just follow us aground too. But what about this idea:

What if we could get people to buy into the SET concept as a way of life and, just like the church, SET could become a movement, and just like we have our weekly meetings with the different SET groups in the prisons, the same way we cold have meetings with the individuals involved in the SET movement. And then slowly but surely we could create waves that would take Jamaica by storm.

Think about it. Those among us that can’t read and write, we would get them up to speed. Those who can read and write would teach those who can’t.

Charley think for moment what we do in the prisons now and imagine for a moment using that same concept to change Jamaica, one community at a time.

Non-denominational non-threatening absolutely powerful.

You had a vision of me being the pastor of the church, well here is how I see it happening.

I can see the headlines now: “ The SET movement takes Jamaica by storm.” There would be SET centres in every corner of Jamaica. That Charley I know is possible. If it can work in a prison, it can work in a school, if it can work in a school, it can work in a community, if it can work in a community it can work in a Nation.
Wow, Wow, Wow