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The Jah Cure Saga

The Victim
heard what she had to say

The Charged, Convicted, Sentenced and Serving

hear what he has to say.

This is Jah Cure. He’s recording in the computer lab at Tower Street.

The Issues are Jamaica’s.

CyberStrategy Jamaica will invent open process to allow Jamaica to consider and resolve issues that divide it. This is CyberStrategy.


  • Hello Jah Cure,

    Let me first tell u that u are a gorgeous talented individual. I continue to play Tru Reflection over and over and over again, also the video I watch alot…. I love that song alot, I dont know too much about your situation and what is going on, but I will pray for u…..U seem like a very strong minded person and I wanted to know if there is anyway of contacting u by email or mail, I’m sure u have enough people that is wrtitng u, but I live in the CT in the states and I was just wondering. I dont know that much about JA but my family come from Rollington Town and unfortunately I was born here… well I hope u have time to read this or someone reads it to u….. God Bless Jah Cure

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