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Journal Entry October 10, 2005, New York Law School, New York City, New York State, United States of America, Planet Earth: For the last view days I’ve been participating a conference called State of Play, organized by Beth Noveck and David Johnson. This morning, I’ve been walking and thinking about what i would say today at a gathering hosted by Cam Stracher, a former student and friend now teaching journalism law at NYLS. I recorded and mixed my thoughts to a message on cyberjournalism.

This afternoon i am back in the Millenium Hilton Hotel across from the empty hole of Ground Zero with the talk behind me, but recorded by a video camera operating in the room, its digital feed going i know not where, and by my SONY Walkman (my iRiver got swiped and is gone), its output right here. The music is matmos-action-at-a-distance.

Here are my notes, which may help you hear and think and link to what you are listening to.

speak as eon, d of c, timetraveller
avatar in the game of life
shakespeare made the connection though it’s hard to grasp
we are players on the stage of the game of life
we are medium and message
we are code

when i was an undergraduate i took a course on UNIVAC
made a tool with digits, zeros and ones, SORT,
i taught the machine,
welcome to the cyber age
teach the machine to do different things in different ways
cyber — an extension of hands and thought
welcome to cyberspace

what does it mean that we can write in bits and leave our mark
what business are you in
who are you
what is your identity
what is your avatar

here, in the game of life we play
and there
in Second Life

i would like to have better explained Ren Reynold’s taxonomy of cyberspace. Here is email that includes his explanation and tells you a bit about him:

To: Ren Reynolds
Re: SoPIII: four worlds theory

Good to meet you. Even better to have your thought on initial sort of virtual and real into four catagories, as i heard them, ludic, civil, social, real. Do these conform to vv, vr, rv, rr?

At 02:21 PM 10/9/2005, Ren Reynolds wrote:
Good to meet you just now at NYLS. We were talking briefly about my Four
Worlds Theory. I thought it would be a good idea to just send you the
link, so here it is:

The ‘theory’ is really a taxonomy that I’m hoping will aid discussion
and I hope will, at least for legal purposes, become a working ontology
though which we can have useful discussions about what is occurring
within these spaces. At the bottom of the discussion thread there are
some interesting points and dimensions that might make it a more useful
tool – I purposely made it broad rather than be fine tuned and technical
about it to promote discussion, I am going to begin to populate it with
more technical lego-philosophical concepts.

Just a little background on me, I have been writing about the ethics of
technology for some years now and recently have focused on the computer
games and virtual spaces. In commercial life I used to be the global
head of strategy for Internet for Cable and Wireless when it was the
largest ISP in the world.

I’m very interested in brining these two areas of experience together to
work with groups that are seeking to think about these issues and have
an impact on public policy. I’m looking to form some relationship with
the Oxford Internet Institute to further this.

Ren www.renreynolds.com
game studies bibliography: www.ren-reynolds.com terranova.blogs.com

October 11, in Kingston. With morning comes an email from Beth Noveck with a link to blog of my talk at State of Play. Thank you thank you –m law.