Daily Archive for Thursday, October 13th, 2005

Wroclaw META

Sitting at a magnificent table that snakes around the room at ECLET, listening to Mike Botein talk American sex and censorship, i am blogging with my screen projected to the room. i walked along the river earlier this morning, recording my thoughts in preparation for the session i am about to lead just a few minutes from now. Here is Wroclaw1 and Wroclaw2.

And here is my host, Jacek Golaczynski, walking me into the building where the ECLET conference on Electronic Media is meeting, Wroclaw3.

Darius Adamski now describes the European situation. Wherever there exists a governmental body with jurisdiction over media, politically correct censorship rulings are the inevitable result. How else could a political body possibly be expected to respond to an outraged citizen complaint? What explains why some European states are sensible and others not?

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