Daily Archive for Saturday, October 15th, 2005

October 15, 2005

So there was Ethan, consummate geek, long stringy hair, awewome physique, blogging away at the front of the room, on stage before a dynomite audience doing a duo with Palfrey. They are leading a session on Google Juice. Amilcar, videographer, will fill in clips, message going out in a bundle of ways. We play the game of life on stages, one really real, one virtually virtual, one really virtual, one virtually real. Ethan and Palfrey before us at the same time blogging to the world, multiple audience to follow his adventure. Palfrey starts by describing his warm welcome to Jamaica. In a minute has us all laughing, feeling good, ready to ride with him and Ethan in search of the secrets of Google, quest for the power of GoogleJuice. Their energy is infectious. In the real audience a good piece of the strength of Jamaica in a mix not previously seen. In the virtual audience many still to be counted.

CyberStrategy — a concept now in the lexicon of Jamaica.

Yesterday a follow up day, Deering Bunting & Golding, young bankers for the wealthy around a conference table at their offices, John Deighton masterfully draws out the essence of their business, setting up the click of insight. When it comes we see them get it: CyberStrategy goes beyond IT.

This is the cover to a book telling the story of Anthony Ashwood, aka Fines, produced by Dawn Vaz (edited by Fern), who gives an inmate’s view of Reverence for Life taking root in the Kingston prisons. Reverence for Life formed the foundation on which the SSET program is growing. Fines and Dawn were with us at the Pegasus, autographing and selling the book.