To: John Palfrey
From: Charles Nesson
Cc: Ethan Zuckerman
Subject: Re: Jamaica

Palfrey Lights a Candle in my Mind
You wrote:
* There is just an amazing corps (core) of people that Charlie’s drawn around him. Marguerite Orane, HBS 1985 or so, is at the head of the line, in my view, for sure — she is a dynamo, a great partner to Charlie, as organized as the best advance guy in the Clinton Administration, hard-working, charming, devoted. Right there with her are Kevin Wallen and his best friend, Tafawah, both born leaders, first-rate public speakers, young articulate men, passionate about their country and their culture, cyber-savvy —each would make a compelling candidate for party leader of a young, reformist movement. The Commissioner of Corrections, Major Reese, who spent two days straight with us, as far as I could tell, believes in what Charlie is trying to do, and is leaning into it with his staff and his own time.

zing flash of insight. i see your thought.

Jamaica is riven with garrison politics. There is war to the point of gun down killing between JLP and PNP. Are you able to envision a young reformist movement taking shape in way that would resolve it?

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