i have urged Kevin to become a blogger and have opened up this page as a place for him to begin. He has just come live with broadband in the new SSET offices in Kingston, which we are officially opening when i am in Jamaica next Tuesday, December 6. We spent an hour or so this morning downloading skype and then talking through the process of entering a message here. Below find Kevin’s first message. Incidentally, i had the pleasure of passing on to Kevin Jackie Harlow’s description of him in a journal entry she has just sent me.

Kevin embodies Jamaica. He is larger than life. Proud and strong like the mountains, peaceful and persistent like the lapping waters, energetic and hopeful like the school children running through the streets, and soulful like the old men sitting on the stoops of the shanties.

The entry above – what all this means to me – is Kevin’s first blog message.

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