Daily Archive for Sunday, March 19th, 2006

This thing is taking a turn, am i ready?

Kevin posts: The past few days have left me a little puzzled aboout what is going on in the country I love and plan to spend the rest of my days in. On friday I received a phone call fom a young lady telling me that she needed my help. It turned out that she borrowed 3 cd’s from a friend and accidently ruined them. Her friend wants her cd’s back. She is unemployed and unable to come up with the money to pay for the cd’s. The owner of the cd’s has all kinds of people calling her telling her that she better replace the cds or they are going to kill her. She got scared and went into a store and stole the 3 cds. As she was walking out the door she was stopped searched and the cds recovered, the police called and she was locked up. She called me to find out whether or not she could join the SET program when she goes to prison. Based on the crime i did not think they would send here to prison, however i told her that if that ended up being the case i would be happy to welcome here into the group. Later on that evening she call back to say that she got community service and a fine of $8,000.00. She still wants to know how she can get involved in the program and keep herself out of trouble in the future.

In a related story, after I finished with the Unchained program today I got a phone call from a young lady asking me it i run a support group to keep people from doing things that might land them in prison. I told her that i did not, however i would be more than happy to help her get the help that she needed. It turned out that she has a huge problem with controling her temper, so much so that she wanted to kill her boss and even planned how she was going to do it. She said she heard us on the Unchained program and that got her thinking. She decided against it, howeve she is still fearful because she knows she still has that anger inside. She does not want to hurt anyone but what is scary for her is that she knows that she is capable of doing it. She wants to know how SET can help her

What this means to me is that we have to add another dimension to SET. We need a support line whare folks thinking of comitting criminal acts can call and talk to a live person 24/7
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