Daily Archive for Thursday, March 30th, 2006

hello OSCOM

[00:25] chregu: ordnas: what was your plan for oscom anyway? 🙂
[00:25] ordnas: chregu: right, let’s start from the beginning 🙂

[00:26] ordnas: well, what’s the reason for OSCOM? it’s that we don’t
want to play the stupid we-are-competitors-and-we-dont-talk-but-fight-
each-other game
[00:26] zopepaul: right
[00:26] bergie: yep
[00:26] ordnas: we at least want to talk with each other, because we
respect our expertise and we can learn from each other
[00:26] zopepaul: right
[00:26] ordnas: this is the very minimum I see
[00:26] gregor_: i am not even in the cms industry anymore, but i
think this is a more generic oss issue that needs solutions, and
hence my interest
[00:26] chregu: amen brother 🙂
[00:27] bergie: OSCOM process has been an eye opener… at least I
came to OSCOM1 seeing the others simply as competitors
[00:27] chregu: ordnas: sure, but is that enough to keep this
organisation runing?
[00:27] ordnas: it depends on what you expect 😉

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hello OSCOM, you need a project to do together that is bigger than yourselves. i am just on im with a friend in kingston. perhaps you will see a connection.

Kevin Wallen says: hello charley
charley says: hello my friend
Kevin Wallen says: i feel like a proud papa
charley says: tell me about your child
Kevin Wallen says: arturo made a commercial for the concert and it is magnificent
Kevin Wallen says: for cvm
Kevin Wallen says: he is an amazing editor
charley says: can you give me a link to it
charley says: and here is a link for you
charley says: http://www.wyonapictures.com/en/fud/inde…
charley says: this is a video made by a friend of mine in zurich
Kevin Wallen says: ok