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sitting in the back of the room at beyondbroadcast watching a media object form, participating in it as actor and architect, collaborating with a communnity on the frontier of expressing common identity.

back to eon. i speak into a blog. how the Internet can elicit the best from its users, allowing all of us to communicate, teach, and learn in environments that tend towards moderation and understanding, without imposing undue gatekeeping and control:

z says: you @ conf?
charley says: yep
z says: thought i’d spring the cafe hypo
charley says: spring it
z says: did you speak today?
charley says: i welcome
charley says: i close
z says: you rule
charley says:
:exclamation point! this is rhetorical space. its currency is the power of your argument. thanks z>


my closing – thanks to the click heard round the world

“there is divinity in the net. our challenge is to be gentle to our enemies. ” thanks rebecca

WE media

“WE Media announces a survey on trust in various media in 10 countries. But the problem is, as David Schlesinger of Reuters said after it was presented, it is a mistake to concentrate on media. It’s absurd to say that you trust or don’t trust an entire medium: Do you trust books? Do you trust British people?” right on

WE the people express ourselves in every media.
strength lies in the totality of our connected collective consciousness


wayne not back yet from talking dembow. bec here for breakfast then getting her toes painted with fern. palfreys blog about learning to code and to understand what code is from the bottom up and keep on learning, scratch now an element of our course. we want a grant from our provost’s fund to ask marvin and his lego robots to start us off, mitch resnick for an interview. my thoughts recorded all mixed in with chayes trash in ways that seem mysterious even to me.

am i proud yes is am
here’s email from wayne:

Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 09:15:15 -0400 
From: "wayne marshall"  
To: "Charles Nesson" , 
        "Fern Nesson"  
Subject: Fwd: so many snares 
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considering, Fern, that you bought me a copy of this collection last year, I thought you would both be quite tickled by this good news...


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Date: May 4, 2006 5:00 PM
Subject: so many snares
To:  wayneandwax at

Hi Wayne,

Geeta gave me your contact info. I wanted to say congrats because your
blog post "We use so many snares" has been chosen for the Da Capo Best
Music Writing 2006 anthology. I have a reprint permission letter to 
send you once you respond and will also need a 40-80 word bio.

A few things: the guest editor, Mary, and I wanted to look over the
text to make sure that it reads well as a printed text (w/o links),
perhaps editing very very slightly where the links/demos occur. I 
would of course be in dialogue with you about the edits and you would
have final approval of any changes.

Also, Mary wanted to run a selection of the comments (it would have to
be the authored comments for permissions I think). Perhaps you could 
look through the post and suggest to me which you think contribute to
the main body of the post?

Thanks for all your tireless and great writing!


from the desk of:

Daphne Carr 
Da Capo Best Music Writing Series Editor

Cherokee Nation

“Digitizing Cherokee Culture and Civil Rights History:

What Will it Mean When ‘Voiceless’ Cultures
(Finally!) have the Opportunity to Tell their Own Stories

on the Internet?”

A Talk by Dr. Timothy B. Powell
Senior Research Scientist
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Humanities Center, Room 133

Wednesday, May 3, 4:30

tim powell at the harvard humanities center. walking in i note the opulence of the center. i’m a touch late. tim’s talk has begun. welcome to the Digital Library of Georgia is on the screen. tim works with the cherokee. the tribe has casino money. its leaders want to lead the tribe to research and record and tell the stories of its culture. tim wants to help them do it.

with steve breyer at harvard law school in 1968 i taught the plight of the cherokee nation, ending in the trail of tears, as an example of the impotence of treaty and law in the face of overwhelming power and greed.

tim puts up and image of the first cherokee phoenix, printed in 1828, with the cherokee constitution written in cherokee on the newspaper’s front page. the cherokee were fully literate with their own language and alphabet. i see what he is projecting is on the web, galileo, an initiative of the university systems of georgia.

a people with money out to reclaim their history. they could tell it every way. i would love to help.

tim, would you consider joining in the submission of a plan to the Cherokee Nation to amplify the process of identity integration the leadership has begun. the plan would embody a cyberstrategy of training in the development of digital media skills and use of those skills to preserve and create a vibrant cherokee identity and history in cyberspace.


tim responds

Tim Powell Says: May 6th, 2006 

I would be honored to work with you on a cyberstrategy for helping the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians (EBCI) to train Cherokee students in digital technology so that they can write their own history. When I was at the reservation last month, I had a long talk with Lynn Harlan, the public relations officer for the EBCI, who expressed interest in working together on a project very similar to the one you describe. I am confident, therefore, that we will be able to partner with the tribe and to do some very important and exciting work that will fit with your vision “of training [students] in the development of digital media skills and use of those skills to preserve and create a vibrant cherokee identity and history in cyberspace.”

Let me give you some background, so that you can begin thinking about the project. The EBCI are in the process of building a 300 million dollar K-12 school that will have digital classrooms. The Museum of the Cherokee Indian recently received a grant from the NEH/NSF to digitize a wealth of historical documents in the Cherokee alphabet (syllabary). The Digital Library of Georgia (DLG), where I worked for eleven years, has digitized more than two thousand historical documents related to Southeastern Native American culture and the Cherokee Phoenix. I also spoke to Toby Graham, the Director of the DLG, who said he would be interested in applying for a grant to create an infrastructure that would allow all of this material to be searched and integrated into one site.

What I think the tribe would like to do is to partner with us to develop a strategy for training the students to use digital technology and to make this sprawling mass of material more readily available for use in the classroom. Lynn, who is on the museum board, also said that the museum has extensive holdings that she thought they might be willing to digitize. My dream would be to get the students involved in all phases of the project– to teach them to tag documents in XML, to digitally photograph artifacts and display them using QTVR, and then to write narratives weaving all of these digital resources into a story about how the EBCI escaped the Trail of Tears, endured a century of hardship, and is now a thriving community taking control of its own history and identity.

Thank you so much for your generous offer,


Timothy B. Powell
Senior Research Scientist
University of Pennsylvania Museum of
Archaeology and Anthropology


helluva post
go wayne

i would welcome kaavya to my table

Charlie’s Table

welcome to my table


dear steve, dan and michael

i am offering a course in the fall titled CyberOne: Law in the Court of Public Opinion. i am joined in leading this course by my daughter Rebecca, who is currently a doctoral student working with Stuart Schieber and who has previously taught Internet Law through the Extension School. We see our course as a way of putting forward fundamental thinking of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard..

We would like to offer the content and experience of our course in a manner that is open to our university and our community.

We would like to project our course through the facilities of the Extension School, CCTV, and the net.

Could we please have your support in this endeavor.

Thank you

Charles & Rebecca Nesson