SAVE the DATE !!!! – please

Dear Dean Faust, President Designate of Harvard Law School

We ask you please to save the date on your calendar May 31-June 1, 2007 for Harvard’s Internet & Society Conference, IS2k7: What is the place of University in Cyberspace?

University and the Net are mutually foundational. The future of each depends upon the other. University’s role in the Net is to develop, propagate and perpetuate into the future its capacity for generating knowledge. University will then embody our fundamental norms and mission. By itself in the Net, University becomes the Net. University is Net. Net is University.

Honorary Chairman of our conference is Derek Curtis Bok. My co-chair is Charles Ogletree, founder of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice. We will celebrate Sid Verba for leading our university into the digital age. Substantively, we will put University at the table with other lords of the cyber domain — lords of search, lords of content, scholarly and otherwise, the question on the table, how shall we relate? Who will run the store of knowledge? How, and to what end? Our thrust is toward open access. Our mode is balance and moderation of concern.

We would be entirely fulfilled to have your presence at our conference if only to meet and listen and add your welcome to our guests. We feel this to be an auspicious time for our university and for UNIVERSITY writ large. New president to choose new librarian. If the conference dates requested are for some reason not possible for you, we will move the date.

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