seymour pappert – nicholas negroponte – mitch resnick

i am sitting at an open rectangular table listening only partly to discussion of fair use hearing mention of second life.

letter to seymour pappert
carried by bob massie
homage to nicholas negroponte and mitch resnick
thinking from scratch

this is harvard this is mit
this is university

Dear Seymour
we hear you. we take your message and carry it forward.
kids like to learn by discovery. xo opens a magical world to them, except it’s real. this is second life.

i ask other teachers to join with me to teach the children of all the nations all the wisdom we have learned

think seseme street on youtube
access to bits with tools to mix
programs and puzzles and questions
to delight and amuse and lead along a path
seseme seed on the net

peace corps come alive
prison a state of mind
program from scratch


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