Open WIFI on Elm Street – Greensboro

feel existense in your back
feel reverence for existence
breathe it in and out and in and out

how do i doubt myself. let me count the ways. i doubt myself when i lose a key. reach into a pocket expecting to find it there but don’t, search in all my pockets one after the next in terrored puzzelment that i have lost my grip on reality until i’ve searched them all then return again to the pocket in which i knew i left it and often find it there.

sanity. this connects to the doubt implicit in riddle of three hats. we infer our identity… therefore we doubt. yet in understanding this about my own reality i come ever closer to doubt overwhelming.

i am in green in Greensboro North Carolina at the pet-friendly Biltmore, across the street from Natty Green’s Brewhouse where Sebastian makes the beer and Simple Spreads where Leila makes the bread. Leila and Sebastian are daughter and son in law to me.

Fern and i now have roots in Greensboro. we would like create more connection. i met connections yesterday, met Bruce, met Mike, met Antoine, met Leary.

F.W.Woolworth in Greensboro is where the sit-ins began. there are two sides to Greensboro, white and black.

(written some months back)

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