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On 8/31/07, Short, Tim Timothy.Short @liverpool.ac.uk wrote:

Dear Charles (et al),
Thanks for the e-mail. I’ve attached the paper we’ve written for info; it’s the pre-publication version – awaiting a space in the journal. We’re currently working on “Part 2”, which has real-world examples of the approach, including Prof Appleton’s own company’s work. Just to note that the analogy we use isn’t solely limited to poker, it’s card games in general – although poker is perhaps the richest sources of learning.
Best regards,

From: Charles Nesson [mailto:nesson@gmail.com]
Sent: 27 August 2007 14:08
To: Short, Tim
Cc: prof @e-business-law.com; Andrew M. Woods
Subject: Re: Poker and engineering design

yes tim your approach is decidedly of interest. elaboration of the lessons thinking poker teaches against case studies of companies that have learned them will be key to legitimating global poker thinking.

i am cc’ing prof harry tan with whom i am talking about assembling a business conference on poker strategy in singapore and andrew woods gpsts director

On 8/24/07, Short, Tim wrote:

Dear Profesor Nesson,
I recently came across an article in the Financial Times which states that you are pushing the teaching of poker in order to “teach respect, business acumen and even war strategy”. I thought you might be interested in the approach that a former colleague (Professor Ernie Appleton) and I have developed, regarding the teaching of engineering design, based on an analogy with card games and poker in particular. We’ve recently written a paper on the analogy – available via http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/content… .
I note in particular the FT comment that “some of these instincts for survival hardly encouraged notions of mutual trust”; on the other hand, we have drawn the analogy that Toyota’s approach to design effectively puts them in a poker game as 4 different players, each of whom know the other’s hand and is able to share cards to try to make up the best hand to beat the competition …
Anyway, please feel free to come back to me if this approach is of any interest and the best of luck for your “global poker strategic thinking societies”.
Yours sincerely,

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