criminalizing online poker — how crazy is that?


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2 Responses to “criminalizing online poker — how crazy is that?”

  • As a European I wonder who is electing the US government? Are you still a democracy or are all your elections fixed? The US government have made so much poor decisions over the last years but still it seems like nothing will change in this years election. Soon everybody outside US will hate you. And the poker ban is just stupid.

  • Wow, two years prison for playing online poker. How did this guy get elected to office?? Perhaps the only place left to play poker in the US will be prison…

    Here is a quote from the 1869 book “American bastile: a history of the illegal arrests and imprisonment of American citizens during the late Civil War” by John A. Marshall:

    “Whoever invented cards, no matter how much they have been the means of doing mischief, contributed to the gratification of his fellow-beings in no small degree. And that there is amusement in them for the most enlightened and cultivated intellect, as there is for the simplest and most ignorant of mankind, cannot be questioned.”

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