Daily Archive for Thursday, May 22nd, 2008


early morning, yesterday the ladies of fort augusta, the men of tower street, anders jones for 30 rebuilt cpu’s and we are ready.

kevin led at tower street by putting forth the ideal of group integrity on starting on time. he led the members of his SET to, no, i’m not going to describe it because it would become a silly form, yet to me illustrates the idea that a master of technique has no technique, it is the informing principle that moves him, and even when it’s not articulate with him the direction of it is clear to see in context. tic tac toe at tower street.

at fort augusta we made a wish list, simple things, like construction paper and ink and better machines and an fm transmitter

kevin is expanding unchained from one to two hours. gpsts is signing on as a sponsor.

berkman center is sponsoring an audio book SSET reading group for officers and inmates on FREE FM.

i’d like a spiffy ad for gpsts to air on jamaica radio in the first instance
in second instance in second life in video form

i’d like a spiffy ad not for internet and society, global voices

here are camella & kevin doing radio

This is an open letter to the prime minister:
I have a suggestion in response to the Observer’s May 30 front-page story, “Do something!” Express the true identity of Jamaica by undertaking a cyber campaign to legalise marijuana in Jamaica.

Here is my suggested cyberstrategy:
(1) Recognise that Jamaica is legally obligated under its devolution from England to honour England’s treaty obligations.

(2) Recognise that England formed a treaty obligation to the Maroons to allow them their lives and their freedom in the mountains in exchange for their commitment to become the slave police.

(3) Recognise that freedom in the mountains includes liberty to grow and use the herbs of the earth, including ganja.

Legally speaking, this means that Jamaica as a sovereign nation, and you as its prime minister, are obliged to respect the liberty of the Maroons to grow and use ganja.

But “legally speaking” fails to take into account the reality of political opposition. Were you simply to recognise this legal treaty right of the Maroons, you would meet opposition from prohibitionists in Jamaica and incur the wrath of the United States of America. A further strategy is needed to raise public consciousness in a manner calculated to win popular support of both the Jamaican and American people.

(4) Recognise that we are all Maroons. Seek a legal declaration of rights and obligations under the treaty of the Maroons from the Privy Council. Bring the issue to the attention of Jamaica and the rest of the world.

(5) Conduct a digital referendum of the people of Jamaica and America and the world on the issue: “Should the United States of America use its power to prevent Jamaica from recognising the freedom of its people to grow and use marijuana?”

(6) Exercise your executive authority to stop all active enforcement of ganja laws in Jamaica pending a decision from the Privy Council. Explain this action and campaign to enhance Jamaica’s place in the world and lessen crime at home.

Charles Nesson
 nesson at gmail.com