Daily Archive for Monday, June 8th, 2009

pirate party

i have been feeling shamed that last friday i was forced to argue in secret our case for being heard in open court before a jury on objections to what the riaa is doing to us, not total secrecy, but secret enough so that i cannot listen to it again myself and cannot link you to it. those moments were a high point in the case toward which my students worked hard. they should have been able to hear and experience the argument for themselves. i should be able to teach them from it. but they are all dispersed, except for debbie who came and sat beside me, and could not be there. i can buy a transcript and wait for it to be typed at either three or six dollars a page depending on how fast i want it. i could take the money out of our defense fund, but that would pretty much exhaust it, or i could pay the money myself, but either way it shames and galls me to know that with my little black olympus i could for nothing be listening and linking now to a recording that has life in it.

i come back from my walk and open twitter to find a tweet from lessig heralding the success of the swedish pirate party in gaining seats in the european union. this is awesome news. feature this:

Among voters aged under 30, some 19 percent are believed to have cast a vote for the Pirate Party.

“They are the biggest party among young people, bigger than both the Social Democrats and the Moderates,” said politics professor Sören Holmberg.

Pirate Party voters said they considered the freedom to file share by far the most important issue when deciding their party allegiance.

We should do it here. the American Pirate Party.

i want to run