prelude to a brilliant oral argument

june 8, 2009
6-8-09.jammie thomas conf.mp3

but wait: here’s an edited, volume enhanced and more compact version thanks to alter fritz

wherein i am told i may not record the proceeding to preclude kiwi’s objection to the defects in the copyright registrations at issue in the jammie thomas case, after which i state my objection and turn my recorder off

here’s the draft i’m working on:motion-to-intervene-and-audio-record

for those who may be concerned that my recording even this much of the phone conference is illegal, i do not agree. there may be a problem under massachusetts law, but i am prepared to meet it. massachusetts has no business requiring phone conferences in federal court cases to go unrecorded. there may be a problem under the minnesota district court local rules, which seem to flatly preclude recording of any judicial proceeding except by stenographic transcript (that must be purchased and in any event not made public until 90 days after it is filed), but i fully believe i have a right to put my objection on the record — on the public record — and i turned the recorder off immediately upon completion of having done so.

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