twitter me

i am aboard alchemy with fern. i am a lawyer with a laptop on my knee. i would twitter were i connected to the net but here aboard alchemy i am knot. so today i go in search of a broadband wireless card to get us connected

make it an ad and get corporate support

who can make the video, fern and eon on alchemy needing to connect. larry rivers asked a question with his art. twitter poses it again. am i blogging, am i writing a brief, am i sitting with a laptop on my knee tapping keys, i am all of these

i propose a game to be played in cyberspace.

start with an uninflected question: lay out the facts fair to both sides. how much should joel be made to pay?

let people feel the full power of the prosecution’s case right through to the verdict form and judge’s instruction to follow it.

then fill in the verdict form

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