Is the Internet a Human Right?


Social Justice in the Age of Facebook

peter suber points me to ed felten’s brilliant take on three strikes for books

3 Responses to “Is the Internet a Human Right?”

  • Darn right its a human right. Can you imagine if the vast amounts of information and knowledge that is the internet did not exist? The whole music sharing situation needs to focus on artists making their money on concerts and gigs and their music in digital format (mp3’s) should be used only as a FREE promotional tool. Thats just how society works and the record industry better learn fast or they will become obsolete.

  • I consider the Internet as a great way of communication and seatrching informatnion. Without it i can’t exist.

  • It contains our past which helps us make informed decisions about our future. It shatters knowledge barriers, and allows for anyone with a question to find an answer. It gives people a voice.

    Yes,access to the internet is a human right.

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