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Feb 18
From CyberOne Wiki

colvin is right, and brilliant, schools train the kids to beat the cops to get out of an authority structure that makes them feel bored and stupid.

i want presbelewski and colvin to be teachers in my school.

i want kids to watch the wire with me and then come back and go over and say where the mistake was made and what was the other choice.

i want to convey how much i want to teach

google hypothetical: future of university
mission of university
position of the assn of internet university service providers
bye bye to copyright on transactional base
open the university with a presidential poker game, all proceeds for running the open school

strategic thinking expressed in action
make your play according to assessment of position and strength of other players in your game

for an inmate in prison there are two laws, authority law and inmate law, authority imposed from the force outside that makes the prison, authority from the force within that rules the force of resistance. the stronger the compression the deeper the evil. how to teach and how to learn how to lighten up.

in baltimore two laws. colvin and prez offer strategy to change the valence of the game

think in media terms. hollywood, listen up. let me use your product in open education. me and prez teach math. a new kind of school. embrace parents and love their children. follow colvin down the path of enlightenment to the point of hope in kids. catch the light and keep it burning.

i want to show the wire in kingston prison, and talk about it. i want to show it in juvenile.

==feb 24==
ready for a rush
larry gives me great idea and contact with lauren
palfrey for berkman and perhaps for harvard law
juan carlos for nexa
larry and lauren for stanford

internet & society
can we have your support

first question at google gathering
identity of avatars
behind each a student expressing truth

future of university

hear it now






slideshow of open university opening up

GPSTSBusiness – 16 Feb 2008
subject Fwd: bracken on obama on the

i want license to use the wire in my online school. is this within the realm of fair use. i want colvin and pryzbylewski in my classrooms. i want to take it with me in a box to kingston prison and run my class for real in our prison lab. omar, as obama says, is a man of character playing by his code. the lessons of the wire are profound

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: wayne marshall
Date: 2008/1/15
Subject: bracken on obama on the wire!
To: Charles Nesson


nice moment

email to howard and annie
howard, can you help me put together production of a teaching video of one card war, teaching kids to play poker, candy for chips, shot in a studio so that we can do the full thing of seeing each kid’s card. i bet we can watch them getting the idea. annie please join in the fun.

we move from one card war up to holdem so that beginner can follow the process of flop turn and river, then move online to one penny two penny tables, caution right from the moment of beginning that responsibility managing your money is what this game is all about. learn to price your hand and to understand its value in the ever shifting marketplace of the poker table.

icommons node is our point of publication creative commons
offer going out to all kids and everyone else
join in affirmative action
form a node of our poker strategic thinking society
sign up for our inaugural tournament
come, learn and play with us

we will teach
your child will learn
you will learn
how to be responsible with money
how to think with numbers
how to interact with people
how to judge for yourself what is true

my audio journal this morning, thinking about teaching poker as timely affirmative action now that government affirmative action seems to be flickering out.

Open WIFI on Elm Street – Greensboro

feel existense in your back
feel reverence for existence
breathe it in and out and in and out

how do i doubt myself. let me count the ways. i doubt myself when i lose a key. reach into a pocket expecting to find it there but don’t, search in all my pockets one after the next in terrored puzzelment that i have lost my grip on reality until i’ve searched them all then return again to the pocket in which i knew i left it and often find it there.

sanity. this connects to the doubt implicit in riddle of three hats. we infer our identity… therefore we doubt. yet in understanding this about my own reality i come ever closer to doubt overwhelming.

i am in green in Greensboro North Carolina at the pet-friendly Biltmore, across the street from Natty Green’s Brewhouse where Sebastian makes the beer and Simple Spreads where Leila makes the bread. Leila and Sebastian are daughter and son in law to me.

Fern and i now have roots in Greensboro. we would like create more connection. i met connections yesterday, met Bruce, met Mike, met Antoine, met Leary.

F.W.Woolworth in Greensboro is where the sit-ins began. there are two sides to Greensboro, white and black.

(written some months back)

hello Lamont

Let word of our library live and spread.

hello susan gilroy, thank you for your warm response and your BTW. hello Cordelia Moy. i & i would like to meet both of you. we are delighted that you will help us distribute our postcards.

library as extension of mind
Cordelia Moy, Head of Reference Services, Lamont Library inworld

On 2/21/07, Susan Gilroy wrote:

Hi, Professor Nesson!

I was in the audience today at the Librarians Lunch. I’d be more than
happy to help promote your Internet and Society conference; send your
postcards to me c/o the Lamont Library and I’ll make sure they get

BTW: I audited your CyberOne last fall and was the fore-avatar at the
moot court (SL name is Cordelia Moy). See you inworld sometime soon.

Sue Gilroy, Head of Reference Services, Lamont Library


plaudits to mike wesch

zuckerman’s rant

from ethan:

Allow me to introduce my new, informal and completely underground media project: “Great Moments in Ranting”. Our first episode features an exchange between Charlie Nesson and myself at the December 12th lunch talk Professor Nesson delivered. I consider this a wonderful example of why stressed-out, flu-ridden fellows should stay home, rather than attempting to engage in intellecual discourse.

You’ve heard the rumors – now hear the rant:


video here!

cyberone feedback – thanks alan – thanks beth

Alan Sobel
to rnesson, nesson

4:12 pm (7 minutes ago)
CyberOne Feedback Memo

[What I Did: By way of context, as an at-large student, here is what I
did for the class. I watched all the class videos. I got really
intrigued with the Benkler book and read all of it. I attended several
Second Life sessions. I put notes for a project up on the class wiki
(“MetroBeat TV”).]

Big Thoughts

– Empathy, and its use in everyday life

– Open access to learning

– Introduction to the Berkman community


I would have liked to have seen more interaction between students in
the 3 segments of the course. One way to address this might be to have
an email list for the class as a whole; a simple way for anyone from
the 3 segments to address a thought or query to others in the course.
This may provide a relatively low tech, community plaza kind of space
(with easier access characteristics than some of our other software)
which might be used to catalyze interactions in other spaces.

Talk Directly to Us

I took the notion of ’empathy’ to be the central idea of the course.

I was reminded of a teacher I had in an eighth grade social studies
class. His name was Emil Bates. The class was nominally about cities,
and how they could be designed to promote civic virtues and positive
interactions among the residents. We each had to do a final project
for the class, a physical model of what we thought of as an ideal city,
which we all brought in and lined up on the window ledges toward the
end of the course. But what the class was really about was what Mr.
Bates called ‘affinity.’ He would talk to us every class period about
affinity between people and how that was really the foundation of
harmonious human interaction.

CyberOne seemed to me a reincarnation of that course. I’d like to
think that if Mr. Bates (now, I’m sure, long since gone) could talk
with Prof. Nesson, they would probably agree that they were talking
about substantially similar ideas.

A question was brought up in one of the SL office hours about the
nature of empathic argument, and whether this was a logical concept or
something different. I took the notion of ’empathic argument’ to be
one manifestation of a broader notion of ’empathic sensibility.’ This
seems like a powerful and important idea to me, and leads to the
question of how empathic sensibility is developed and maintained.

I wanted to thank you both for the passion and effort you put into this
course, and for making available the opportunity to participate in it.

I thought the experience was extraordinary. I eagerly looked forward
to the class videos becoming available.

Best wishes for a joyous holiday season and peace in the new year.

Alan Sobel

thank you alan,
and a five-star review of cyberone by Beth Ritter-Guth. thank you bet.

zittrain & zuckerman

zittrain spoke directly to me this morning. i have my problem with authority. i am prone to see the reflection of what i want to see in the bubble that surrounds me; z shows me the understory; a room full of people who have berkman reasons for being there, whose issues are not necessarily mine. can i engage each one and make it all go somewhere; i cannot expect anyone to pick up the ball and do it for me; nothing will happen by magic.

i pray to the divinity in the net: help me solve my problem. the issues i espouse are fine but my manner at times conveys an attitude which few want for long to share. i’ve had this problem for a long time. it’s what beats me every time i’m beat. kevin now sees the mistake we have been making in jamaica. can he teach me. can i learn from you.

zuckerman leads me to clay shirkey who neatly describes the experience of the look one time virus. i can see i am subject to that. my first visit to second life would have been one time, if that, without my daughter to lead me and hold me in. whenever i’ve left berkman island to go forth and look around i’ve found the environment elaborately constructed but humanly forbidding. yet i am excited at the prospect of holding court in this virtual immersive domain. second life is a crappy way to do some things, maybe a fine way to do others.

my sense is that second life is an ideal environment for mock trials. compared to live mock trials which tend to be a rush of words in which evidentiary objections are difficult to focus, the pace of exchange in the text environment of second life is slower and more deliberate; a record is naturally generated; evidentiary objects are easily represented.

we’ve built a courtroom on berkman island that gives an immersive sense of a legal dispute-resolving environment. we will select a jury from those in second life who would like to participate as citizens of the space in which they live. we will have witnesses and student-lawyers speak in text under disciplines of civility and rules of evidence, subject to objection by opponents and ruling by the judge, who will be me.

i’m thinking we should try a hypothetical version of the case of the man who got his property taken for hacking the second life code. i could ask my students to frame a cause of action at common law as if no user agreement with linden labs had ever been signed, for trial before a common law jury.

i expect the experience of the mock trial in second life to be better in many ways than cognate live face-to-face events. i am going to see, and to see if the experience can scale. i’m looking forward to teaching students who are able to gather and practice in a virtual environment which immerses them in the reality of the questions of liberty, identity and governance presented by our investment of energy and assets in a virtual world owned by a for-profit corporation.

blog it

please. each of you who attended our i*s berkman session, face to face or web. what happened. what question peaked your interest. use our means to light consideration of these issues. please blog our lexis nexis evening. please, everyone.

community is like a ship at sea. whose hero is gibson. link together what is happening here into a human net of global voices. everyman to take the helm in a chorus of voices rising from the universities of the world in concert with overmundo.

kevin back in jamaica, cyberone coming to a close in second life, ethan ready to put us together with croquet to see if we can get the ball rolling toward a vibrant open source metaverse.