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a pain within me calls

to rise with many targets of attention yet to be drawn ineluctably to pain. do you soothe it do you stretch it do you work it out. first i pee then i shit then i take care of sammy. win or lose you pay your dues. do you give in to pain do you surrender.

attached see pics of the black law students association black and white ball sponsored by aiken gump for the benefit of children. i look at the image as i compose this picture for you to see . alex diane antonia fern and me.

whose dress is more beautiful? vote all. how can we?
aiken gump gets a double thump from me.
time for stretch and cup of tea
in the spirit of universality
life as we sometimes live it seems great to me
moment by moment one by one
all of them one present
stretch and behold

suppose there is one spirit above the rest
a spirit in us embracing
let mind go with recursion

last night in second life saw mandelbrot
after the verdict in josh wolf trial came in
beer around the table later
thanks ken and aaron, giselle and joel, mathew and becca
bits in the can with chris
waiting to come out

missed seeing tree throw out the first pitch
at the red sox yankees game
please send a link to the video


SET 88.9 fm – let the radio message follow

SET Radio 88.9 fm is up in gp kingston. the revolution has begun. feel it catching fire. on the phone i could feel excitement. inmates and officers of every color shirt. here is kevin’s report.

I woke up this morning feeling like today was going to be a great day, and it was. I went to bed last night excited to bits about what was to happen today and I can’t tell you how much I could not wait for the time when I would make it happen.

For the past three years Charley and I have been talking about the possibility of setting up a radio network within the prisons in Jamaica. We saw it as a way that we could get the message of rehabilitation and restorative justice across to the entire prison system, we saw us being able to facilitate discussions on all levels, we saw it as us creating an environment where everyone in the prison community could get together and discuss issues which are of importance to them. We were worried that if we don’t have total buy in from all the relevant parties then we would have problems but then we started having talks with the Commissioner of corrections, who with the assistance of his team helped us to strategically put things in place so that both officers and inmates would have a stake in the process. We took his advice and then went to the officers first, explain to them our thoughts on this medium and then sought their opinion. So after going on a sensitization campaign speaking to both officers and inmates we selected a compliment of ten inmates and five officers to train for the purpose of operating this radio station.

We built a radio studio with funding from CIDA we also received funding from UNESCO to provide training as well as equipment for the studio.

For the past months we have been conducting training sessions with both officers and inmates, to which they have responded quite well, however they questioned weather or not this thing was really going to happen. They did not see any antenna’s going up or anything out of the ordinary happening plus they were being asked questions by their fellow inmates about when this thing was going to happen so to put everyone’s minds at ease I decided to do a test today. Set up the equipment spread the word around the institution telling folks to tune their radios to 88.9 fm.

So today was the day to make it all happen. I told everyone that I would be at the prison at 10am to set up the equipment and that we would be on the air at 12pm. When I woke up this morning I would not wait to get to the prison so I could do this. As a matter of fact I packed up all the equipment from last night and placed them in my vehicle so this morning I could just go down and make it happen. I checked my clock every few minutes waiting for the time when I would go and pick up Wayne and then head out.

Finally it was time, jumped in the van picked up Wayne, the entire journey all I could think about was the look on everyone’s faces when they actually herd themselves and their colleagues on the radio. By the time we got there everyone was waiting on us. Within twenty minutes we were set up and ready to go. And with the flip of a switch we were live. SET 88.9 FM was a reality; Tower Street Radio was finally on the air. The excitement was too much. The environment was filled with laughter officers were coming in to make sure it was for real not to mention the inmates. At one point I looked around and for that moment there was nothing that separated anyone in that room but, they were joined together by one thing, Radio. The sense of unity was unbelievable, unity, solidarity, togetherness. In a prison, between keeper and kept, wow.
The programs which were presented were done by both officers and inmates there were no distinctions. Everyone had a role to play and they played it well. Some members from the Department of Correctional Services admin staff was there and you could see the sense of pride on their faces. In the round up discussion after the test I could not did not want to critique at that point I really wanted them to know just how proud I was of them. It was most amazing. To be on the radio for the first time and do that well is simply amazing. The name of the programs were

How can all the parties in a situation where a crime was committed heal? How can they make peace and move on.

What do inmates care about what are some of the things that are of interest to them? When its lock down time and the lights are off and the security personnel are not in direct air shot of what is been said, what do inmates talk about?

So you have been in prison for a while, each day is a different day; things are constantly changing around you, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Do you grow or does everything remain the same? It’s a choice but we chose to make a positive change.

I don’t always say the right things and I don’t always do the right things, but every day that is my quest. As a Student Expressing Truth I want to express my self. I don’t want to tell you from my thoughts I want to express it from my being. First I become then I express my self.

jamaica is the biggest little country in the world. let’s hear it for bob marley as national hero. let’s hear it from the twins.

sitting in limbo – bless you kevin

just found this post in my unpublished draft, as far as i can tell it’s kevin in london with me at a conference some time back, just as it came off his fingertips first time.

As i sit here in London England as an international Blogers confrence i wonder what this really meas to jamaica. and as a result i have been haveing conversations with indivduals i have met oter the past few hours. the thing i am getting out of all this is that there is a great interest in jamaica however people really want to see Jamaica better represented on the internet. after having that conversation i started wondering to my self exactly what it is that the world is seeing of Jamaica on the web and the first thing that came to mind was “you are in tuned to the thinking man’s talk show, Perkings on line on power 106” and then when you tune in there is just this huge amoung of redoric and it is always the same . now i start to ask myself the question if that is what is up there and that is what the world is heartin and seening on a daily basis how can jamaicans get to where they want to do. so far we have done ok by having other peoople tell our story however i think it is time that we tell our own story. we need to find the positives and get them out there. with bloging through the Jamaica Express we are creating a different and unique kind of news paper, with pod casting we are creating radion

what if we could get agrop of Jamaicans who have the same ideas that we have, the idea of wanting to make a difference, by becoming the change they wish to see in the world thus creating the world that they would want to live in. so rether than haveing to listen to Perkings Online they could listen to something that made more sense. In the prison in Jamaica we have seen where the inmates have made a change, they have first change the way they view themselves then proceded to change the way they view they ones closest to them and now they are better equiped to make a meaningful contribution to Jamaica.

Jamaica’s story is being told, who is telling it and who do we want to tell it. there is also the thought that Jamaica’s story is worth something and that is the level of interest that others seem to have and nothing else, as a result we find ourself in a situation where people are taking from the land and planting nothing in return in some case they are destroying the earth so nothing else can be planted on it and as a result there is not much for the people to benifit from.. What would it mean if we put ourself in a position where we can recognize what is happening and some how position ourselves to better take advantage of the products that comes out of Jamaica without taking anything away from the people, sensoring or supressing the people.

annie duke we love you

she’s coming. what would you think of seeing if there are women who would help organize a gathering of women law students and their friends to talk with annie duke and perhaps with others in the evening of april 24 in a venue like langdell south about the plusses for women in playing poker. i believe that women law students can hardly get better training to win in the professional worlds of law and business than to learn to hold their own and win at the poker table.

when appropriate (in my judgment) to an open project and not sensitive (in my judgment) in terms of privacy, i may post email to my blog. all privacy requests respected.

We are all maroons.

we are all maroons
wayneand wax
real time in reel time
rhombus mix

save the cockpit country

Should Jamaica recognize Bob Marley as a national hero?

video recording by Roberto Mighty


Marcus Mosiah Garvey stands out in history as one who was greatly committed to the concept of the Emancipation of minds. Garvey who was born in St. Ann became famous worldwide as a leader who was courageous and eloquent in his call for improvement for Blacks. He sought the unification of all Blacks through the establishment of the United Negro Improvement Association and spoke out against economic exploitation and cultural denigration. He spent many years in the United States pursuing his goal of Black UNIFICATION.

stands for
Internet & Society 2007
stands for

charles ogletree on IS2k7 and jamaica

halls of learning

Marvin Hall, a brilliant young Jamaican who has devoted himself to teaching young Jamaicans robotics, sent me a link to video describing his project, which is up to #84 on YOUTUBE top favorites in category for today. As Marvin says, “giddyup!”

way to go marvin!


halls of learning

Marvin Hall, a brilliant young Jamaican who has devoted himself to teaching your Jamaicans robotics, sent me a link to video describing his project which is up to #84 on YOUTUBE. As Marvin says, “giddyup!”

hospital visit, thankfully brief, all ok

hey berkman center, thanks for the singing telegram for Al the Alien

Kevin Wallen
to me

I feel as the though the creator is always talking to me. I woke up this morning feeling like I had to come into the office early and I did, as I turned on my computer I saw that Charley was online and I said hi, he said hay and I proceeded to tell him like I always do what was on my mind. He allowed me to pour my guts out and as usual I could feel the care in his words as they came back through the screen at me. Charley doesn’t believe in fixing a situation he believes in solving a problem and that is what I like about him his ability to come up with real solutions. After speaking about me he asked me if I could take some bad news from him I then replied that I was here to share with him the good and otherwise. It was then that he told me he was in the hospital and right away all my troubles seem so far away and all I can see now is my need to support him. He says his blood pressure is through the roof and also that he needs to run a series of test, ekg that kind of thing.

And as I am sitting here I feel a renewed sense of purpose, I feel as thought Charley and I are the only two who understands this thing we are trying to do. He sees me as his partner to make it happen and I see him as my partnere to make it happen.

Charley I want you to forget about all I said to you this morning and hear what I am sayin to you now. Destiny will remain as it is needed to strenghten and support SET. We have some projects on the table that will put us exactly where we want to be, the conference, the concert, and the tour in April are exactly what we need and we are going to make them happen. I will write a letter to richard requesting a larger sum of the money they have for me and that will loosen the noose a little. I want you to know that you need not worry about the Jamaica project we are going to make it happen. And come april 16, 17, 18 we will show the caribbean the power of SET. Think thoughts of seeing everything you have ever envisioned for the Jamaica project coming alive and know that it is going to happen.

You and I will take the massage of rehabilitation, restorative justice, and a country re constuting itself to the next level that’s our mission. Lets accomplish it.

I’ll be talking to you soon

recursion: key to keys

i stood yesterday before the librarians of harvard, with kevin wallen and gile campbell looking on. my message was well received. postcards to pass the message on. destiny productions to deliver on a contract. roberto mighty, videographer. in my kitchen thursday morning listening to bob seger sing turn the page. out there in public expression space with microphone held low in my hand, talking to interested smiles and nods and understanding that we are building our environment. wonderful email back from michael maltese asking me for links to entrepreneurs in developing countries who are using technology to benefit their community in some fashion, with a closing ps that made me smile.

ps: As an attendee of the 1998 HLS Cyberlaw conference, I can attest to how far the Berkman Center has come so quickly, such that now it is internationally renowned as a center for excellence in the study of the internet and society.


then this morning raw flow from kevin, who is in cambridge visiting with gile to plan our conference and concert in jamaica, kingston, at the terra nova, april 16-17 if the date clears on the commissioner’s calendar. notes from the meeting:

restorative justice
need for a paradigm shift in approach to crime
seeing the shift as the same as is needed in education
seeing opportunity for the correctional service to produce it completely consistent with its mission
seeing how doing so can elevate the status of the service and the officers in it
seeing the key as the formation of a self-perpetuating cohort of human beings at bottom who see that mutual support of each other in a spiritually centered learning community is key to standing tall instead of begging and complaining
make the system work and look good

keys are: no warder is asked to do “extra” work without extra pay
warders are security officers, security their primary mission; consistent with this mission provide a secure framework within which a learning community among those restrained can form and thrive

here’s kevin:

I pride myself in trying to do the right thing, but I know sometimes my desire to do the right thing gets the better of me. I want so badly to see a difference in the world that sometimes I put everything else a side and try to accomplish that and sometimes that is to my detriment.

The preogram SET has come to mean more to me than I even emagined it would mean however it is one of the most powerful things and it has brought homw a lot of things for me. It is said the the man that has not found something for which he would die perhaps has not sufficient reasons to live. For me SET is the thing for which I would die, but at the same time I don’t to die for it I can live for it, to do it, to make it happen. And each day that I live I think I am that much closer to achieving the goals setforth by SET even though the pieces are still coming into place.

Each year I visit Harvard law school and more than anything a man who has become my friend, mentor and partner is this project Charley. The intention is always to explore some idea to do someething that would get us closer to acieving our goals and each year we do that and then some. For me each year when we get together its most amazing, not because I get to come to harvard and speak and hang out but because I get an opportunity to see people who are succesful and It is a part of their lives they are succesful and they expect to be succesful, not a group of people who are dreaming of making thngs happen but they are actrually making it happen and it is not a big deal. When they get together it is not about trying to make something happen they are making them happen.

I listened to Charley talk to a young man today who was planning a confrence and the confidence in which he spoke was amazing there was no dowt that this was going to happen as a matter of fact it seems as though all the pieces were already in place and they are just executing even thought he was just at the planning stage. The key however was how charged the entire environment was everyone was working on a project, but the key was everyone was expected to be succesful everyone was expected to win. And indirectly the environment itself was an amazing support.

I got to thinking that this kind of thing is the very thing that was missing from many of the environments that I see in Jamaica every day people are not expected to win and as a result they do not expect others to win. It is a big deal when someone accomplish something amazing, success does not seem to be the norm. there seem to be more pretence among us than anything else. We don’t support each other and success seems to elude us, the environment is charged with negativity and that seems ok because we don’t seem to know any better.

A medicore environment says if something good happens great, but if it doesn’t then oh well next time. At the Berkman Centre you are not forced to win you are expected to win you are expected to be succesful and somehow the environment supports that.

For the longest time I have wondered what I want the SET environment to look like and now I know. I want it to look like success I want it to be an environment where the people in it are expected to win, where success is not a surprise, it is the norm.

And now Charley I want to talk directly to you. Your role in my life is still been revealed to me each and every day. I learn so much from you it is amazing, it is what you say and what you don’t say. It is the way you walk and the way you sit. You walk with a rythim and you sit in thought, always shaking your head and leaning forward when you are ingaged in conversation. Ther is no thought ever of you not having an interest and this week I have observed you a little more than usual as a result of something you said. You told us about speaking one third and let the other person speak two thirds you also talked about the fact that we always over estimate what others contribute to a dispute and under estimate what we contribute. And thought I tried to put that into practice this week I saw on three ocassions when you began to say something I piped up and you never finished your thought and as I realized what I was doing I tried to stop myself and get you back into the zone to finish your statement it seems the moment had passed and I missed the message I might have gotten from your message which makes me wonder how many times have I done that before this week. This is a most wonderful lesson and one that will serve me well.

I told you have my financial issues and it pains me deeply to come to you but I feel like you are the one person in this world that I can trust to tell what I am going through and somethimes its not that I want you to help me sometimes I really just want to share with womeone and you are all I seem to have that I can do that with. But the solutions you always seem to come up with are always fantastic the thought of being able to have \Harvard as a client for destiny is wonderful and I so appreciate you pointing this out. And again you said something which I too will use in my every day life which if you want to help someone out a handout is never the answer, a loan too, is not the answer but if you can develop a business relationship whe the person that seems to be the way to go and I so appreciate that thank you.

Finally tonight I went to the talk that professor Ogletree put on and first of all it was great but it was not the talk that was so great. I went to dinner with the folks after and there was about thirty persons in the room all black folks all professionasl mostly Judges and Lawyers. When we went around the table and each person introduced themselves it seem to go from strenght to strenght. And then I was asked to speak a bit on the Jamaica project and I did which sparked an amazing conversation but what strucked me in all that is at the end Prof. Ogletree spoke of a time in 1921 when a group of black folks wanted someone to come and address then at harvard and the person that they got to speak was Marcus Garvey when he said that I felt so proud I felt that I was the marcus grvey today bringing with me from jamaica the message of Students Expressing Truth, a message of love, a message of hope, a message of self love,self reliance and a message of hope.

I think we take lightly what we are up to but Charley, we are on to something and I really want to thank you. And I promise you whatever I have to do to keep Destiny going I will because it is an intregual part of all this. It is the production house that produces this story. I way all that to simply say thank you and lets do this. This trip has been most wonderful. Thank you and I can’t say that enough

i see a direction in which we are going.