Humility, Priorities and Focus

A main theme of this course has been self-reflection and bettering oneself. In Conference of the Birds, each bird was forced to reevaluate his perspective on many aspects of life and alter some elements of his personality. I chose to create a piece of artwork that presented a topic that I often think about – humility, priorities, and focus.

Being at Harvard University can make one lose track of what’s really important to them. Our ears and minds are constantly flooded with praises and adoration from the media, faculty, and everyone on the outside looking in. With all the prestige that the institution carries, its easy to be blinded by the glitz and glamour of these Ivy walls but we should always take the time to get our minds focused back on the real motivators in our lives such as our family.

In my photograph, the Harvard crest and class ring is the focal point of the image. It represents overflowing pride and success. In the background is a veiled frame that holds a picture of my siblings and I, and in front of the frame is a pen. I chose to veil the frame in order to symbolically preserve that that is most important to me. The pen represents continued dedication, focus and hard work. A lack of humility, like the peacock had, can cause one to lose drive and will eventually lead to his downfall.

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