The Prophet’s Mantle

Wrote words of healing

Recited to him with faith

Gave what inspired

The Burda, or the Prophet’s Mantle is a poem that was written by the Sufi Shaykh Imam Sharafuddin Muhammad Al-Busiri. As the story goes, he wrote the qasida or poem while suffering from a stroke, which unfortunately paralyzed part of his body. He prayed sincerely to Allah begging for Him to heal him and fell asleep during the prayer. While asleep, Al-Busiri had a dream in which he recited his poem to the Holy Prophet, Muhammad. After hearing his moving words, Muhammad touched the paralyzed portion of his body and placed his cloak over him. When Al-Busiri woke up, he was miraculously healed and he spread the news of the wondrous event that had just occurred. The Qasida tu’l Burda became very popular because of its healing powers. Many memorize the verses of the poem and inscribe the words of the qasida on the walls of the public institutions and other buildings.

The haiku highlights how important knowledge of and commitment to one’s faith is. Al-Busiri spoke eloquently and passionately about Islam, which pleased Muhammad who then rewarded him for his faith by letting God heal Al-Busiri through him.

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