I entitled my mathnawi, “Priorities”, since many of us often have to reevaluate ours from time to time.




It’s always about you,

And all the activities and programs that you do.


Constantly thinking about your next move,

You have absolutely no time to waste or lose.


Your world is so full of responsibilities

That your future goals and ambitions are your sole priorities.


You’re studying, running organizations

And applying to grants so you can travel to different nations.


Resume workshops, Wall Street networking sessions,

Pre-med office hours – yes, those are your obsessions.


So caught up are you with your numerous obligations

That you don’t seem to notice her sadness or her frustrations.


You fail to notice that her usual spark has been disappearing,

Her silent calls for attention you’re just not hearing.


Dinners and gossip you two used to share,

Now, to her, it seems like you don’t even care.


She can’t scream out or tell you how she feels

Because within these Ivy walls, one’s feelings always have to be concealed.


She’s stressed, she’s scared, she wants you by her side,

Since in the past it was in you that she used to confide.


But you’re so busy being busy that you don’t even know,

All the secrets and sadness that she’s trying hard not to show.


You see her in passing and do your usual cheery wave,

But precious bonding time you cannot save.


Priorities, priorities, priorities -reevaluate your priorities,

For taking time for your friends should be one of these.


We are so conditioned to put ourselves and our ambitions first,

This is why some say that Ivy League minds are sometimes cursed.


Open your eyes and really take the time,

To make sure that she really is fine.


For her joy, sanity and effervescent glee,

Is greater than any job offer, award or Harvard degree.

– Ngozi Nwaogu

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