Ah hah. The truth comes out.

As we discussed yesterday, the Republicans in Congress are looking to Tea Party Wacko (TPW) Erick Erickson of Redstate for permission on how to vote on the debt ceiling.

Today Erickson stated:

“And we will lose our credit rating. The loss of our credit rating will be more economically devastating that a technical default. The GOP will get blamed for it, but hey! at least the economy will stay in the tank next year in to hurt Obama.”

Erickson and his troop of Tea Party Wackos are more interested in destroying Obama  than in fixing our economic mess. 

Republicans don’t care if this new crisis causes you to lose your job, your house, your investments, etc.  They are willing to gamble your future survival thinking a worse economy will only improve their chances for winning in 2012.

I can only hope that reasonable Americans will see who is to blame for the economic crisis that will surely follow.

Obama is trying to save the country.  The Republicans are trying to stop him from succeeding at any cost.