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Why Objects Matter


Dear friends and colleagues,

This is a platform to share our understandings, knowledge, and visions about the nascent “material turn” or ontological turn in the humanistic and historical studies.

When studying and researching modern Japanese history, I become more and more fascinated with the material aspects of the everyday life: the urban space, the building material, and transportation system we deeply rely on. Luckily, I found many people sharing the same concern. This is the birth story of this blog.

This blog is an attempt to bring together scholars from multiple disciplines and multiple locations, who have a focus and an interest in the material aspect of our world. Here we will share books and discuss current scholarships that we find inspiring and helpful, and will also present our own studies on various topics.

We envision this webpage to be a platform where knowledge is shared, views are discussed, and visions toward future studies of the material world are encouraged.

If you are interested in posting, please leave a message, and welcome to the community!



Yuting Dong and many friends

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