Hack Day

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hack Day

Location: Wasserstein Hall, Milstein West Room A (2nd Floor)

Hack Day participants will be invited to select a project to work on that seeks to increase the impact of open education resources on education, broadly. By the end of the day, self-organized teams will aim to rapidly develop a working idea for a project, service, model, program, website or tool into a prototype, coupled with a creative pitch that includes clear ideas for implementation, funding, workflow, and future development. Participants will include a small group of conference attendees as well as invited guests and other members of the Berkman community.

Projects may be pre-conceived, based on conference takeaways, or collectively brainstormed on the day itself, with assistance/support/tech expertise from coders, data manipulators, visualizers, big thinkers, community builders, hackers, academics, students and other advisors. Teams would seek to rapidly develop a prototype with the goal of developing implementation, funding, and use models with an example workflow, and in some cases, use actual data. The ideal project would be fundable and implementable. Projects will be judged at the end of the day by a panel of knowledgeable, bright, connected people from inside and outside the Berkman and open educational communities. The event will not be limited to coders or those more technically oriented; it will also be a space for coming up with action items for policy innovation, developing and furthering best practices and norms, and facilitating relationship-building across communities.

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