In the first part of the
dream, I am an invisible observer. Someone who dwells on a very high
floor of a modern, sterile building is being manipulated by other
unseen observers. Among other things, he is induced to play the violin
in the style of another artist and to brainwash someone, even while
knowing that he himself has been brainwashed.
  Then I am in a laundromat, writing down my observations about
this experiment in mind control in a sink. Unfortunately, my text goes
down the drain. So I walk back over to my stack of laundry. I
experience some difficulty with this because the laundromat is bisected
by a road and I have to dodge a couple of swiftly moving motor
vehicles. When I get to my laundry pile, I find mixed in with my
clothes some vegetables of gaudy, unusual colours and uncommon size.

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