dream me a parable

  This dream is worth getting up at 5 a.m. to record it. I am in a
place of remote place of great natural beauty: the grass is lush and
the low-hanging trees are thick around me. I am walking near a road
with my teacher and we meet Dan C___sson and stop to talk to him. (Or
do I meet them separately?) We walk on and my teacher tells me that Dan
is taking a long time to write something foolish and predictable, I no
longer recall what.
   Then he opens up a book, something by an American author,
to show me a passage. Since I don’t understand it even in the dream and
since I have forgotten many of the words, I have no hope of extracting
meaning from it with my waking mind and record what little I recall
simply to remind myself of the deeply inspired feeling that accompanies
this dream. The passage begins with a girl giving a certain gift to a
fellow in the story, a hunter or dreamer. It ends with the admonition
“But from above and below, a lethe comes and takes…” (“Ether” would
make sense here but “lethe” is the word I seem to remember. My dreams
have words now.) My teacher asks me what this tells us about the
difference between the journals of the hunter and the hunted (perhaps
this wording is also part of the passage). I am at a loss, so he tells
me that it describes the ability of ____ to make x dollars but also to
make much less.

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