the show must go on?

  Two nights ago, I attend an orchestral performance. I think I’m
with my parents but soon become separated from them. I ascend to the
top row of the nosebleed seats but somehow seem not to be too far from
the stage. The musicians file onto the stage and take their seats.
However, before they play a single note, it becomes clear that
something is amiss: the stage has rotated at an angle that hides much
of the orchestra from the audience’s view. The lights dim and the
musicians exit. Then it is announced that the stage will be deployed to
the opposite end of the hall. Seats begin to rise where the stage was
and soon I am looking at a section of seats like a mirror image of
mine. I make my way across to the hall, over to the top row again. I
speak with someone there but don’t recall the content of the
conversation or who it is. The hall is rather sparsely peopled. I sit
down to wait for the stage and musicians to reappear. However, a long
time seems to go by without anything happening. The audience grows
impatient. There are now two sections of seats facing each other and
taking up the entire hall. At the end of my dream, I have descended
again and sit in the space between them.

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