threshold of squalor

  In the most recent dream I
can still recall, I am living in a rather squalid flat in an
unidentified city. I walk out but something prompts me to return. Did I
forget something? I notice that people on the street around me are
walking rather unusually; their limbs are stiff, their movements slow
and jerky. My own motion also seems to me slower than I’d like and I
feel impatience but eventually get back to my flat. I have some doubts
about my ingress being possible–have I mislaid my keys?–but manage to
get in. Then, the landlord knocks on my door and comes in to discuss
something I don’t recall. I find his presence vaguely disagreeable but
that is not my principal response to him. There is a small animal in my
flat with me, although I don’t think it’s my pet, and I fear the
landlord may pose a threat to it. I am worried but not for myself.

  I will allow waking life a
rare intrusion into my dreamlog because I want to record details that
are important to my dreamlife. First, since May the 23rd, I have again
been suffering anguish over MV’s silence. I wonder if, in retrospect,
that will turn out to be significant? Second, I found on the internet
that the IQ will be teaching a course at her school during my visit
there. A reckoning lies ahead and hopefully a resolution.

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