away on a jaunt

  I’m visiting an unfamiliar
city with MV; I marvel at her presence. (Why will my psyche vouchsafe
such a dream of her but not of the IQ?) We’re in an underground level
of a building when we decide to split up; I agree to phone her later to
meet up. I board the lift, ascend to ground level, exit and begin
walking. The landscape, however, is quite unlike a city: I’m walking
along an arcade between a continuous row of buildings and what appears
to be a boundless garden. Occasionally I pass what appear to be
entrances to subway stations, the only confirmation of the premise that
I’m in a city. At some points the corridors of the arcade are
enclosed–almost all light is blocked out and I become disoriented in
the darkness. Then I am no longer in the arcade but simply walking in
front of houses. In front of one of them is a gathering performing what
seems to be some kind of dance. They are distributed in small
groups–in one instance, a group of one, a woman who is the only one
who catches my attention. None of the groups seem to pay attention to
the others but they are well synchronized in spite of that. Their
motion seems simple and repetitive, rhythmically advancing and

  Then, I’m in bed in a room
not my own, looking out the window at a darkening or brightening sky,
sunrise or sunset and think I should call MV. I choose the pseudonym
Charlie Skasz and then a voice says something (or I think a voice says
something) about a skeleton key unlocking things in my subconscious.

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