new places

  In the first part of the dream, I’m
visiting a modern city with mum–not one I’ve seen in waking life. A policeman
in a futuristic armour (Roboccop?) instructs me to lie down to perform some
medical examination on me, attaching a tube to my neck. (In retrospect, it
would make more sense for it to be a drug test but that doesn’t cross my mind
while I’m dreaming.)

Then I’m inside a large residence where the IQ and many others live.
Typically, I can’t find her. But I enter a long, well-lit room where
people go to expiate their faults. There are large, thick boulders,
almost as high as a man. Each penitent, with a string around his waist,
walks up to the boulder, hugs it and then a trapdoor opens beneath him
and man and boulder fall–I don’t see what’s below. My old teacher L.T.
is there. He tells me he has undergone this ritual several times but I
don’t remember what he says of his motivation for doing so.


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