don’t talk to strangers

In the dream, I’m back at my high school, even though it looks nothing like it did in waking life. For some reason, I need to reach the gymnasium, but find it is very far away. I stop a passing automobile to ask for a ride. It turns out that Jorge E. is at the wheel and agrees to take me. I’m not sure if he recognises me but for some reason, I choose not to identify myself. I expect him to just drop me off when we reach the gymnasium but he parks his vehicle and enters along with me.  I find the person I need to talk to while Jorge begins to grill some meat, which I will eventually partake of. He loudly calls out a string of names, including my father’s full name and several others that are unknown to me, so I wonder again if he realises who I am.

There’s a transition to another location. I’m in my flat (not one I’ve ever seen in waking life). My room has balcony along two of its sides and I see a lot of people outside. Someone comes in to apologise to me for an accident he and I were involved in. I move toward the balcony and the many people there greet me in turn. From their looks, they seem to be from the region where I live now. Although everyone is very polite, I am displeased by their presence and wish they would disappear.

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    July 5, 2011 @ 8:28 am


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