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We’re at a crossroads right now. The world, our country, is in a flux period where broad swaths of the electorate are really beginning to question what the powers that be are doing. I have to admit that I’m no fan of television news (I’m one of those print journalists that still writes with a pad and paper) but I think that community television can be very useful. By allowing people to interact, to put themselves out there, people have the ability to find other people who share the same ideas as them. To be the lonely dissident in this world is no fun and in some ways quite useless. But if communities around the country and the world can interact and find common ground then maybe there is change possible. Supporting old growth forests or local restaurants may not catch the fancy of everyone in our county, but maybe there are people in other parts of the state that do care. The idea of strength in numbers isn’t a euphemism, people banding together do have strength. Here’s a shout out to all the causes that don’t end up as front-page news. Find your community television station, start a blog, gather your community- do something. It is with us that the fate of the world rests.

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