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Vivian came back on campus today and we went out for a really good lunch nearby!

This wasn’t intentional, but somehow it worked out that I ate at many places with possessive names for lunch. I love Kara’s Cupcakes! Kara’s is like Sprinkles, but with organic ingredients, less icing, and a greater focus on the actual cake part of the cupcake. The cupcakes are definitely smaller though. I got the cupcake […]

I went with James to Castro to have our accountability meeting (it’s a Christian thing) and I found out that Kirin is now out of business so we went to fu lam mum further down the street. It was super good! C: The beef supreme broth soup had a much more supreme Chinese name, but […]

Today I randomly want to Late Night, Stanford’s nighttime on-campus food program where they serve snack food at strange prices using what is usually frozen food or food made from left over from dinner time. They had these crazy huge nachos today, and I panicked at the size of them, but then ended up eating […]

boba @teaven


I got taro boba with litchi jelly after church! So tasty! (^o^)//””” モチrating: [4.1/5] It’s hard to mess up PMT… @[Daly City, California, United States]

Gelato is my nr. one favorite food ever! I’m a super big fan of their tiramisu. It’s really sad that Michael’s down the street no longer has it, because Michael’s is more a café than a counter and a couple of seats outside. I always get gelato when I’m feeling a bit down, but since […]

I went to downtown Palo Alto and got a random dinner with Junichi at Zao Noodle Bar! I haven’t been here for a while, but the food was okay. Our waiter, on the other hand, didn’t really do anything but take our orders and then give us the check. My ramen was a bit like […]

I fasted today for Good Friday, and then afterwards the congregation all went crazy with food. So unhealthy noooooo :C モチrating: [NR] I feel sick… @[Daly City, California, United States]

It was raining today but I got I anyway C: C: It’s a cappuccino with hazelnut and caramel on ice! モチrating: [4.5/5] surprisingly good!@[Stanford, California, United States]

soy @fraîche


I always get the same thing… soy froyo with strawberries, mochi, and clover honey ヘ( ̄ー ̄)ノ♪ モチrating: [4.1/5] a lot of people aren’t too keen on soy, but I love it!@[Stanford, California, United States]