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This wasn’t intentional, but somehow it worked out that I ate at many places with possessive names for lunch. I love Kara’s Cupcakes! Kara’s is like Sprinkles, but with organic ingredients, less icing, and a greater focus on the actual cake part of the cupcake. The cupcakes are definitely smaller though. I got the cupcake […]

boba @teaven


I got taro boba with litchi jelly after church! So tasty! (^o^)//””” モチrating: [4.1/5] It’s hard to mess up PMT… @[Daly City, California, United States]

Gelato is my nr. one favorite food ever! I’m a super big fan of their tiramisu. It’s really sad that Michael’s down the street no longer has it, because Michael’s is more a café than a counter and a couple of seats outside. I always get gelato when I’m feeling a bit down, but since […]

soy @fraîche


I always get the same thing… soy froyo with strawberries, mochi, and clover honey ヘ( ̄ー ̄)ノ♪ モチrating: [4.1/5] a lot of people aren’t too keen on soy, but I love it!@[Stanford, California, United States]